Welcome Ladies


In its 23rd year of business , and under new ownership for   four years, Ladies Only is flourishing. Bringing women together in a beautiful and fun location, Ladies Only promotes Balance, Strength, and Empowerment. As you browse through our web site you will have the opportunity to discover the diversity and overall beauty of our business. We have a wide variety of  fitness classes that cater to everyone from beginners to experts

We promote a healthy lifestyle and invite you to join us in our lifelong quest to health, happiness and the power of being a woman

Living a balanced, healthy lifestyle not only physically, but mentally and spiritually is the key to reaching your full potential and living a happy, fulfilled beautiful life

At Ladies Only Fitness we not only recognize the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle; but encourage and support it through our wide variety of classes; services and the sincere care we have for our members well being

We encourage you to come into the facility and one of our friendly staff will be happy to give you a tour

“To work with women to achieve a sense of place,

wellbeing, health and acceptance in our everyday lives.”

 Gail Glass