Stretch Fit is another Group class we run on Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 9AM-10AM
This gentle stretch class will combine strengthening and Balance movements with Breath work and guided visualization to help tone and relax the body while calming the mind. 

Yoga is also offered on Monday evenings 5PM-5:50PM

To register to attend these classes please go to 

Meet Our Other Fitness Instructors

Arlene (Stretch Fit Instructor) – I discovered and fell in love with fitness classes while attending college in my late teens and at the age of 45 decided to become a Group Fitness instructor. In 2016 I extended my training to attain the Older Adult Fitness certification with a view to helping people of all ages and abilities exercise throughout their lives. The goals for my StretchFit classes are to improve posture, core strength, and flexibility through low impact restorative movements. I also include various techniques such as foam rolling and guided visualization to de-stress the body and mind and promote pain relief.